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The Ole Pickleometer

The flavor fuse has been lit and shiz and fizz is about to explode onto the hard seltzer scene. It’s seriously about to get bananas. I mean pickles (sorry, we tend to mix up our tubelike fruits and vegetables). These liquid dills are part delicious, part outlandish, and totally tongue-twisting ticklish.

Crook & Marker x BruMate Crook & Marker x BruMate Juss here
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  • Getting pickledly impatient
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Crook & Marker x BruMate Crook & Marker x BruMate Juss here

It’s true, Crook & Marker and BrüMate have gotten in bev together. What started as a flirty fling between drink and drinkware has turned into a flavor affair. A behind-the-doors brumance between two brands. Together, we’re saving the world from boring hard seltzers by releasing flavors so wild your tongue needs to sign a waiver.

We are the pickle wonderpartners–here to make you second guess everything, and taste anything. We are: Crook'd Bru Logo

Juss the Pickle Prodigy
Meet the Pickle Prodigy

The name’s juss. Juss Dil’Witit. I’m the proud owner of Dil’Witit Farms. Since I was a lad, I’ve been risin’ and brinin’ with one thing on my mind. Pickle farmin’. And, I’ve got the biggest and best damn blue-ribbon-winning pickles around.

I’ve come to learn that life’s less salty with a pickle in yer palm and a lil’ booze in yer belly. So, I partner’d up with the good folks of BrüMate and Crook & Marker to craft somethin’ tasty, tangy and downright zany. This here lil’ canister of hardened seltzer is my brine and joy. A real zing dinger of flavor. Heck, I think you’re gonna find it’s dill-licious.

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